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A social enterprise founded in 2019 with the goal of celebrating the rich and vibrant cultural heritage of Africa through the lens of fashion with a unique fusion of dance, art, food and music.


Our platform aims to showcase the beauty and diversity of African fashion, highlighting the talents of designers who draw inspiration from the continent's traditions, patterns, and colors.


At African Fashion Week Calgary, we believe in promoting inclusivity and diversity within the fashion industry. We strive to create a space where African designers and models can shine, breaking stereotypes and showcasing the creativity and innovation that the continent has to offer.


Through our events, we aim to not only celebrate African fashion but also to educate and inspire individuals about the beauty and significance of the African culture. Join us as we celebrate the vibrancy and elegance of African fashion, where every stitch tells a story and every garment is a masterpiece of tradition and modernity. Our runway is a kaleidoscope of colors and textures, a dance of patterns that echo the rich tapestry of Africa's heritage.


Together, let's embrace the beauty of diversity and empower each other through the artistry that knows no bounds.


At African Fashion Week Calgary, we are more than just a showcase - we are a movement, a cultural revolution that celebrates the essence of Africa in all its forms. Come, be a part of this inspiring journey, where fashion meets culture, and creativity knows no limits.

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 A competition that aims to create a platform for aspiring models, giving them a head start and propelling them into the world of modelling


A magazine designed to highlight and showcase Africans living and thriving in the diaspora, people who are blazing the trail and making an impact!

We will be diving into culture, fashion, food, careers, businesses and lifestyle!



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