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We are looking for media partners interested in capturing  our show.  We value our guest and as such we are committed to creating the best experience for them.  We want everyone to be talking about our shows for years to come, and for that to happen, it all starts with our media partners. 

Media registration is open for journalists, photographers, videographers, etc. who are attending specifically to write about African Fashion Week Calgary and/or cover the event for newspapers, magazines, TV, blogs, podcasts, radio, etc.


African fashion week Calgary's media pass provide's a complimentary access to the show . Media passes are extended as a courtesy and does not allow early or special access into the show​, or the ability to cut lines​.


Submitting a media application does not guarantee approval. All applications will be reviewed by the AFWCALGARY team, and you will be notified if you have been approved or denied. If approved, additional information will be provided in your confirmation email.

Each press pass is issued individually and you cannot bring a plus one. If you’re applying with a team, each person on your team needs to apply and be approved separately. 

All press passes are non-transferable and non-resellable. Any individuals who violates this will be disqualified from attending all future shows.


Thanks for submitting! Your application will be reviewed, and we will notify you of the final decision.
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